At Sol Laser Studio, we help you live a healthy life. Our acupuncture services are suitable for treating many acute or chronic bodily conditions.

Some of the common issues that acupuncture can fix are:



      Joint pain

      Back pain

      Back pain

      Irregular periods


Benefits of acupuncture


      Acupuncture is well suited and can be used with other forms of therapies.

      There is minimum to zero side effects associated with acupuncture therapy.

      Suitable for many kinds of pain management

      The best process for relaxation

      Acupuncture can be used to prevent various pain


How does acupuncture work?

The acupuncture process involves putting tiny, hair-like needles in your skin, mainly at the acupuncture points. While this is a traditional way, you will also find innovative processes at Sol Laser Studio, where cupping and moxibustion methods are common too.

The process is safe for all individuals of all kinds of ages. And you can bring your grandfather or your kids without any hesitation.

Although a safe and effective procedure, acupuncture is a long process. Depending on the individual, you might have to take more than a session for better results. You will be asked to share your issues and health history the first time you go in.

Some people say they feel instant relief after the first session, and surprisingly, others would go in every week to feel the same relief.


Best acupuncture near me

Are you looking for the best acupuncture services in North York? At Sol Laser Studio, we offer our customers both old methods and innovative treatments. Our experience regarding our customer's journey has been a worthwhile one. While not everyone has found the relief on the first day, they have been determined. We are doing our best to offer the best in industry services, so you feel safe and confident with us.


Why choose us for your acupuncture?


Careful: Don't worry about the needles. The pain is not a pain, but only a sharp pressure is resulting from many needles invading your skin. The pain is extremely tolerable; most people enjoy it because it makes them feel relaxed.


Innovation: Whatever method or process you were looking for, we have it here. You can avoid the needle method and go for gentle and non-invasive acupuncture with us.


Trained: Only professional and certified practitioners are assigned to your appointments. Should you have any questions regarding the treatment, your practitioner will have all the suitable answers.