IV drips



Among many other skin rejuvenation treatments, we also provide IV drips to rejuvenate your skin and hydrate your body. Many people prefer IV vitamin drips because it takes less time to show results, as an IV drip can bypass the entire digestion process and help them get a natural glow within lesser time.

Vitamin deficiencies can be a severe issue, and it can cause a person to lose hair, several skin issues, and brittle nails, among other problems. IV drips, in such cases, make it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients quickly and increase the percentage of vitamin and mineral absorption by a noticeable amount.


What sets us apart from other beauty studios?

We are one of Canada's largest and most prominent beauty studios, providing a wide range of services to make your skin look healthier and younger. Among our services, IV vitamin drips are one too, which not many beauty studios provide. We use the latest medical tools and technology to ensure that our IV drips procedures are safe, preventative, gentle, and give immediately gratifying results.

Our IV vitamin drips are a practical technique to deliver minerals, natural vitamins, and nutrients to your bloodstream to provide optimal health benefits. Before getting ready for the procedures, we do a non-evasive compression therapy that will flush out toxins from your skin, body, and metabolic waste.

We utilize an entirely safe procedure for IV drip treatment to bridge the gap between the nutrients you require and what is in your body. Our IV drips procedure generally takes around 60-90 minutes; however, it also depends on your body's absorption rate and other requirements.

People choose Sol Laser Studio for their several lasers and other skin treatments because:


  1. Expert professionals: All our skin treatment professionals are chosen from across Canada, not only because of their experience beforehand but because of their passion for learning new things every day. Our professionals keep up to date with innovations in treating skin issues, and they never hesitate to learn about new inventions.
  2. Latest technology: We update our tools and technology every six months so that you are receiving treatment with new equipment available in the market. We invest heavily in our equipment to ensure our clients' safety and long-term results.
  3. Hygiene services: We take our clients’ safety and health concerns seriously, so we ensure to sanitize our tools and all the rooms in the studio. We will sanitize the entire area and tools after every client and at the start and end of each day.

At Sol Laser Studio, we take care of all your skin and laser treatment needs. Our IV drips treatments will not only boost your immunity, replenishes vital nutrients, brightens the skin, and improves skin tone and texture. No matter your skin tone, we have previously worked with people of lighter and darker complexions so that you would be safe with us.