PRP Hair Loss Treatment



At Sol Laser Studio, we bring you innovative hair treatments that have been developed from your blood cells. PRP hair treatment helps you in healthy hair growth through the same natural process that worked for you in younger times. Our PRP hair treatment gives you a thicker, fuller, and overall better hair quality. 

Some of the causes associated with hair loss that PRP targets to fix are:



      Hormonal changes



      Poor lifestyle

      Poor hair routine

      Excessive hair styling or hair treatments


Benefits of PRP hair treatment


      No external toxins or chemicals are used for hair growth

      The natural process in your body stimulates hair growth

      Non-surgical and safe

      Super-fast treatment

      Minimal to zero side effects

      Zero side effects


How does PRP hair treatment therapy work?


Whether it is the normal hair growth or healing of the skin, the power lies within our blood cells. And PRP finds a way to leverage this power by separating platelets. These platelets consist of proteins, blood products, mesenchymal stem cells, and PRP treatment only concentrates these contents and gives the dose to your body. This results in highly effective and natural results of hair growth.

The PRP process is not a procedure to provide the fastest results; you will have to wait at least three months to see the full results. But it could also take longer, sometimes from 6-12 months.

Want to maintain your hair growth for longer? Yes, you can get another treatment after a year to keep the process and results alive.


PRP hair treatment near me


Are you looking for PRP near me services for hair treatment? At Sol Laser Studio, we offer hair treatment services all over Canada, including in Toronto. We have helped many patients enjoy natural and fully-grown hair and have treated many others.

Our process and method are 100% safe and tested. From extracting your blood cells to giving you back a concentrated dose, we are equipped and experienced to do it all.


Why choose us for your PRP hair treatment?


Careful: PRP hair treatment is a non-surgical process that is painless and typically fast. However, we are always taking care of the method, ensuring the proper concentrations and doses at all times. We believe in accuracy and never play with the process.


Innovation: Innovation has been at the forefront of everything from the equipment and materials we use to the methods and processes we follow. If there is a breakthrough in the PRP hair treatment area, we will look into it and consider offering it as a service.


Trained: Your PRP hair treatment is done by professional and certified practitioners knowledgeable and experienced.