Skin Rejuvenation



At Sol Laser Studio, we provide a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments to make your skin feel alive and happier. We believe that everyone, irrespective of age and gender, deserves to have a skin they feel comfortable, delighted in, and love. We help you revive your skin as per your liking.


Using Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) Technology

We offer our clients a range of skin repair and rejuvenation treatments with a powerful device that uses dynamic pulse control (DPC) technology.

·       Rapid DPC is a safe and efficient treatment for hair removal, acne, pigmented and vascular lesions, wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin conditions.

·       Rapid DPC provides rapid treatments that won't interfere with your hectic schedules. Most of the time, noticeable changes are seen after just a few sessions.

Top Quality Treatment Devices

·       SR 580 Skin Rejuvenation helps achieve better glow and desired skin texture

·       Get a younger and fresher look on the hands, face, neck, and upper chest.

·       For all skin and hair types, the technologies included in the OmniMax S3 are secure and efficient.

·       The OmniMax S3 was created after significant investigation and consultation with North American practices. As a result, it has provided safe and effective treatment.

Our range of skin rejuvenation services

We provide a wide array of skin rejuvenation services that will make your skin feel supple and wrinkle-free. Our broad range of skin rejuvenation treatments includes:


      Chemical Peels: Chemical peels are ideal for people with damaged skin due to prolonged exposure to the sun, acne scars, or drinking. We use a unique mixture of chemicals that heals scars, minimizes wrinkles and improves the look of your skin.

      Laser skin resurfacing: We use light and heat in our laser skin resurfacing to remove the outermost layer of your skin and heat the underlying layer. As a result, laser skin resurfacing promotes even skin tone and wrinkle-free kin by boosting collagen fibre growth.

      Microdermabrasion: If you are looking to even your skin tone on your face, neck, hands and legs, we suggest you avail of our microdermabrasion services. The abrasive applicator that we use in this process removes the outermost layer of your skin and allows your skin to rejuvenate. This eliminates wrinkles and the outer skin layer and treats sunspots, fine lines, ageing spots, acne scars, melasma, etc.

      Microneedling: We use multiple micro-needles to stimulate elastin and boost collagen production.

      Dermal fillers: We also have dermal filler services, where we will use fillers to restore the fullness and volume of your face. Dermal fillers are a safe alternative for the next few years that you can use.

These are some of the top skin rejuvenation services we provide and several others. You can book a consultation session with us by calling us at our official number so that we can together figure out the procedures you need to be done to look younger.