Whitening intimate areas & teeth



Even though it is not necessary to whiten your intimate area or your teeth, many people feel better and more confident when they do this. However, whitening intimate areas and teeth comes with risks, so we take extreme measures while performing these procedures. Our professionals will utilize modern technology and sanitized tools to ensure it does not cause any infection or long-term issues.


Whitening intimate areas

The skin in your intimate area is extremely sensitive, so we must take extreme care during the procedure. We will make sure to use bleaching products that are safe for intimate areas. Our professionals will ensure you are safe during the process and make the sessions as comfortable as possible. Depending on the severity of the pigmentation and other factors, it might take a few sessions to make the skin tone even with the rest of your body. Most treatment course requires six to eight sessions; however, it mostly depends on the person, their overall health throughout the process, and their comfort.

Our professional experts will use safe chemicals to peel the outermost layer of your skin. Once the layer is removed, the new skin will start appearing. Because of the stimulation, the new skin will be lighter, younger-looking, and healthier.


Teeth whitening

We also provide teeth whitening services to people looking for all cosmetic procedures to be done under one roof. We have some of the best dentists in the country working with them to ensure that we can safely whiten your teeth without hurting your gums or the nerves connecting to the teeth. We can promise you to make your smile more beautiful and confident by whitening your teeth.

We use top-of-the-class dentistry tools and technology for teeth whitening procedures to improve their smiles. Even though many people say they suffer from gum irritation and sensitivity after teeth whitening, we can assure you that you would not feel a thing with us. Some places also use strong bleaching agents, which might cause gum irritation, but we will make sure to use safe products for our clients.

We use peroxide-based whitening agents to ensure teeth whitening without any significant side effects. At Sol Laser Studio, we are committed to providing our clients with comfortable and pain-free services, whether their intimate area or teeth whitening.